Ottawa, ON

Student Funding

Application for CanaDAM 2019 Graduate Student / Postdoctoral Fellow Funding

To be considered for partial funding, the information requested in items 1-10 below must be sent in a single PDF document to mohar (AT) sfu (DOT) ca (use Subject: “CanaDAM Funding Request”) by March 1, 2019.

Please ensure that all of the required information is included; incomplete applications will not be considered. Priority will be given to students and postdoctoral fellows from Canadian universities.

  1. Name (Last, First)
  2. Institution and Department.
  3. Institution’s Address; Province/State; Postal code; Country
  4. E-mail address
  5. Supervisor’s name. Normally at most two funding applications naming the same supervisor will be considered, although well-justified exceptions may be considered.
  6. If you are a graduate student, specify the degree sought and the expected date of completion. If you are a postdoctoral fellow, specify when your fellowship appointment ends.
  7. Specify whether you will be giving a talk and, if so, its title. If your talk is part of a minisymposium, please state which one.
  8. Projected Eligible Expenses:
    1. Travel (indicate means of transportation and cost);
    2. Accommodation (indicate where you are staying and the total cost; indicate your portion of the expenses only if sharing)
  9. Indicate the financial support from all other sources that you will be receiving for expenses related to the CanaDAM 2019 Conference.
  10. If you are not giving a talk, a letter from your supervisor explaining why it will be a valuable experience for you to attend the CanaDAM 2019 Conference must also be sent to mohar (AT) sfu (DOT) ca (using Subject: “CanaDAM letter of support for NAME”) by March 1, 2019.

We will let you know by March 15, 2019, whether funds have been allocated for your expenses. In order for you to be reimbursed, you will have to submit necessary receipts and documents (such as boarding passes for air travel) together with an expense claim form within four weeks of the end of the conference. The expense claim form will be available at the registration desk of the CanaDAM 2019 conference.